Picking ur brains out

Don’t hold back

Curiosity feed knowledge 

Knowledge turn into idea

Idea become action, but

What action should be taken

To manifest into reality?

Night and day, dwelling on a concept

Questioning every thought

Doubting every move

Double guessing each step

As a result, hindering the process to 

Move forward.

The cloud of fear and confusion impair

The ability for progress

Procrastination move in, and the idea 

Become just the idea

Left to decay and be forgotten, not 

Knowing the true potential that might bring.

Despite the prevalence of expectancy  

Often think we are accomplishing a task temporally 

Discounting for it would be futility 

To assess our utility in it’s absence 

Vulgarly blame the circumstances with

Constant complaint and reasoning.

Is it ironic a revelation of profound effect

Change vacuous presumptions

Not driven by anything and lacking on motivation

We push time from us

Convince that it will be gone! Gone!

They ne’er go; when past they haunt us still.