Picking ur brains out

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”

Faith itself is a horrible mechanism that stunts the growth of ideas. It also stunts the act of questioning, and it does this by pushing the idea that you have to have faith and that nothing has to be proven. ~ Joe Rogan ~

Eating clean

I remember vividly when the doctor announce to my dad he have cancer, seems the whole world is in slow motion. It takes some time for me to process the magnitude of that situation; it’s like you know what it is but you not able to define it. My brain is scrambling for answer and makes rational understanding the word cancer. From that on, I spend more time to dissect and understood this crippling disease, and hoping shed light by sharing what I conjure up online via websites and forums. 

All cancers begin in cells, the body’s basic unit of life. To understand cancer, it’s helpful to know what happens when normal cells become cancer cells. The body is made up of many types of cells. These cells grow and divide in a controlled way to produce more cells as they are needed to keep the body healthy. When cells become old or damaged, they die and are replaced with new cells. However, sometimes this orderly process goes wrong. The genetic material (DNA) of a cell can become damaged or changed, producing mutations that affect normal cell growth and division. When this happens, cells do not die when they should and new cells form when the body does not need them. The extra cells may form a mass of tissue called a tumor. By researching stem cells scientists have suggested that too much SP2 protein may turn stem cells into cancer cells. Other issues thought to play a role in the spread of cancer include viruses, immune system issues, genetics, environment and age.

A common genetic variant that affects one in three people appears to significantly increase the risk of cancer from the consumption of processed meat, according to a new study. The study of over 18,000 people from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe represents the first large-scale genome-wide analysis of genetic variants and dietary patterns that may help explain more of the risk factors for cancer. Explained by eating processed meat is associated with an increased risk of cancer and for about a third of the general population who carry this genetic variant, the risk of eating processed meat is even higher compared to those who do not. This variant is located on the same chromosome 10 region that includes GATA3, a transcription factor gene previously linked to several forms of cancer. The transcription factor encoded by this gene plays a role in the immune system, understand whether some individuals are at higher or lower risk based on their dietary profile. Maybe in the future lead to targeted prevention strategies through diet.

Eating seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day reduces your risk of death at any point in time by 42 percent compared to eating less than one portion, reports a new study. This is the first study to link fruit and vegetable consumption with all-cause, cancer and heart disease deaths in a nationally-representative population, the first to quantify health benefits per-portion, and the first to identify the types of fruit and vegetable with the most benefit.

Researchers used the Health Survey for England to study the eating habits of 65,226 people representative of the English population between 2001 and 2013, and found that the more fruit and vegetables they ate, the less likely they were to die at any age. Eating seven or more portions reduces the specific risks of death by cancer and heart disease by 25% and 31% respectively. The research also showed that vegetables have significantly higher health benefits than fruit. The study found that fresh vegetables had the strongest protective effect, with each daily portion reducing overall risk of death by 16%. Salad contributed to a 13% risk reduction per portion, and each portion of fresh fruit was associated with a smaller but still significant 4% reduction.

The clear message here is that the more fruit and vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to die at any age. Vegetables have a larger effect than fruit, but fruit still makes a real difference. If you’re happy to snack on carrots or other vegetables, then that is a great choice but if you fancy something sweeter, a banana or any fruit will also do you good. The risk of developing many types of cancer can be reduced by practicing healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and not smoking. Also, the sooner a cancer is found and treatment begins, the better the chances are that the treatment will be successful.

“A good sense of humor is essential to deal with the world’s reality.”

So, your task is to find the combination of facts that apply to you. Then people will beat a path to your door.

~Neil DeGrasse Tyson~

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”

“Nothing will bind the eyes of man quicker than the touch of compromise. A principle not compromised is a principle worth dying for. A dream not compromised is a dream worth living for.”
― Ogwo David Emenike

“Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.”

    We all have areas in our lives that need improvement, sounds like a huge undertaking in some part. It all starts with making goals and taking that first step, sometimes even that sounds daunting and we need a little bit of inspiration before we can take any steps. The thing is, our minds don’t work the way we often think they do. Therefore, we seek the comfort of encouragement. But often we don’t recognize the value of self-determination, the majority of us, are in the assumption of general theory of motivation and what it’s merit will bring to the table. They argue that we have a fundamental need that is basic to human motivation to engage in actions with a full sense of choice and conviction. 

    According to some people, visualizing your end goal is pretty much all you need to do in order to achieve it. In fact, this is an excellent way to ensure that you never achieve your goal, no matter how many seminars you attend or products you buy in an attempt to find out why you haven’t “made it” yet. That if, we don’t allow that irrational fear that we will not succeed. Of course, fear of failure is often discussed as a reason for procrastination. And another reasons is not taking action that we’re spending our action-taking time convincing our mind that we are already have what we want. the alternative is to focus in the process of reaching goal, rather than the outcome, increase the likelihood that we’re achieve it.

    Although we might all have some fear about the future and alter our function to engage in the tasks ahead of us, it may result on not giving 100% effort through the goal we setup to achieve, that’s the point at which we run out of willpower, because like energy or strength, it’s a finite resource. At the very least, find ways to reduce your resistance, or giving in from negative thoughts and self-doubt. Focus on fundamentals how you started this process in the first place (feelings that are often related to avoidance goals), fear of failure doesn’t predict procrastination. We get on with our goal pursuit. Again, it’s about making the process itself worthwhile, rewarding and enjoyable, and about celebrating milestones towards your goal, not putting off all the happiness for when you eventually achieve it, by paying attention to your process, you give yourself a motivational advantage and you’re much more likely to achieve your goals successfully.